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A Modern Artist

Danijela Nedeljković has exhibited her work at " Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize 2019" in Italy ,

All Planet Earth exibition, On line

February 2019 — February 2019,

"Talented Art Fair 2020 " in LONDON .

Excelsior project, artistic film created by 30 artist worldwide, premiere is due on first week in April 2021

February 2020 — April 2021

Invitation for Florence Biennale 2021

October  2021

Pieces by Danijela Nedeljković can be found in several galleries in Serbia . Explore the Danijela Nedeljković website in order to view all current collections, and find out when the next exhibition is happening.

Woman Painting

Artist Bio

Danijela Nedeljković

Danijela Nedeljković is a  mathematician and an artist who is creating art from her studio in Serbia. She enjoys adding a unique perspective to her work in order to make each piece memorable. Work by Danijela Nedeljković is currently being exhibited in a variety of galleries. Her artworks are available for purchasing.

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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent Van Gogh


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Kragujevac, Serbia


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